Saturday, February 28, 2009

Swallow . Roxy

quite regreting for passed few days ate too much of fried stuffs...
taiwan chicken chop.. fried chicken.. all crispy and nice food >.<

syiok syiok at 1st... bitter after this..
now then get the "karma"...>.<

my back teeth's meat is bengkak right now..
its really quite painful especially the time of just wake up..
u need to open ur mouth to brush ur teeth...

back to klang..
home sweet home..

mum keep on asking..

wanna go for doctor?
faster eat vitamin c..!
hungry ant? go eat bread

no answer her...

kena bird...

i am asking u y u din answer me..!?

( os ) my teeth meat is bengkak..
i reli hard to talk >.< ( os )

can't chew at all..
swallow all the time.. T.T


mua mua mua...

thank you =D

[ drink more water guys.. =) ]*


miss momo said...

吱吱吱 [鸟叫声]


我看不懂是什么来的 。。。

mirxu*nico said...

wait me bk to sunway..
show u the real 1 =p

金城头 said...

是羡慕的咯 ~~~

weipeow said...

[ drink more water guys.. =) ]*

talk to yourself, please.

small-U said...

mummy don know u cant talk mar~
but really can feel mummy love u so much~ haha!

print out ur OS and show o ur mum whenever she talk with u XD hahaha

bro sayang u neh! good good^

chekyenn said...

take more rest n water ..
finally ur parents remembered ur birthday
so nex time makan u pay ya
show show ur purse XD