Thursday, February 26, 2009

F u l l d a y

Thx bird .. yummy New Zealand.. =)

A full full day... ( stomach i mean )


miss momo said...


i got 1 pic same u also
shoot the zhang xiao xian book in popular while i m reading thr ...

i wan eat dessert koko also ~ ~
bring me bring me ~

帅头 said...

我有张小娴的 ~~

面包树上的女人 ~~~

我们很 ngam key 下咯 ~~

Stone said...

seems like your bday outgoing plans keep going and going~ :D

I love those desert a lot too.. T.T
Tian Ping Ge Ge........

mirxu*nico said...

hahaha.. u shoot tat too?? so ngammm de *shy*

yeaaa.. jinmin!
lets go 2getherrr =DD

Stone said...

anytime!! let's go go go.. ask who else interested and now ur turn to ask :P

small-U said...

haha! im interest to go !! included me in~ haha! really nice dessert place*

bird ur full full day with lots smiles* even this day is ur teeth meat bengkak day! XD

winnie colour ur days~ coz she dont want send u home, haha!