Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Money . Love . Life

When i m getting older...
i reli realise that money make many things go around...
that's why we always need money..

sacrifice everything to get a true love...
is that worth...?

Not everyone of us get a true love..

I saw realistic ...
I saw materialistic..


received an email..
which is from brightgarden.com.my
well.. ==" it's selling valentine's flowers..

ok.. valentine is around i noe..
again.. this year.. same situation..
can see many couples walking around..
sweet and happy..

and make ppl feel sour sour -.-''

[ I am just like a noob... ]*


Stone said...

wow.. still far to valentine la.. who knows these few days maybe something will change leh.. dun so "grey" don't sour so early la ==''

m`egumi said...

go berpaktor with xiaomei on Vday la XD

true love isn't easy to come by :x

and yes, money makes the world go round so much that it scares me :(

*hugs*cheer up la! :D

mirxu*nico said...

hahaha.. jz suddenly emo and write dis post to release.. nt grey .. is BLUE.. LOL =p

thx megumi =),*hug*

大头 said...

14/2 我做你的钟点男朋友啦,
一个小时 50,
但你要包我食宿咯 ~~

shu wan said...

haha nv mind tis coming valentine
we all paktor together...
got u,small u , me n xiaomei...
BLUE.. mood bcom PINK lah

mirxu*nico said...

hahaha.. no nd lo big head...
or u pay me i temporary acc u la XD

yeaa shuwan is right =D
we paktor 2gether....
but nt include xiao mei la!
she kena booked liao
*PINK* =p

little mei said...

all of a sudden, CHEW XIAO MEi is soo famous lol [only in nico's blog ==]

anyway, cheer up babe! you have us to accompany you ryte anot? =DD

i also dunno can go out on that day anot la babe! the graduation campaign, marketing team and all, got to work on that day sigh =(( So i might paktor with you only on that day lol... or postpone to night @@ which i think most probably ill be dead tired by then. Sleep only la while i paktor hahahahaha

anyway, cheer up babe! there are many fishes in the sea... just do remember this ayte? ;)



mirxu*nico said...

i jz simply blog to release my emo -.-" no worry..
lol fishes.........apa ni..
dun wan water fish can ah.. >.<"

waa.. u ffk him arr.. too bad la..
dun miss the chance babe =p

alar.. we can paktor in dream~
i dream u , u dream me
i sleep while u sleep,
u sleep while i sleep =p

MY WIFE..! hahaha NICE NICE..

p/s: u r reli famous jor la.. (in my blog only)


jesslynho said...


小彭 said...

haha u can ajak xiao mei anyway..
well if u are seeking for true love...

make sure u are longing for what u want, then i suppose that is wat is neccesary... always rmbr...trust makes the most in everything...

mirxu*nico said...

yep.. agree with u.. trust make almost everything in love...