Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dead Mouse

my logitech mouse.. looks ok in dis pic...

see it's wire.... putus to half...T.T

Thanks to my lovely Ohh oh...

u reli veli "cute" de lor....-.-"
make me feel love and hate on u ><

and nw... i reli need a MOUSE...

[ is time to make thing clear ... ]*


small-U said...

hahaha!! Ohh oh really so much naugthy > < "
last time just heard u said he bite ur mouse, now edi PUTUS liao :|

go buy a mouse faster XD
pity bird. haha

Ohh oh is very naugthy, but yet he really cute. hehe > < "

mirxu*nico said...

-.-"" yeala..
reli omg..
he even bite my bro's ipod cable...