Friday, January 30, 2009

Pulau Pangkor

It was fun and nice =)
photo shows..

Monday, January 26, 2009


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A picture of you at the most unique environment

After accident at LDP highway (after class goin murni, 2008), all of us took pic in front of the police station, and met a nice malay guy, multimedia developer under MSC.

A picture of you at the place you dislike


A picturess of people who mean a lot to you

Grandmother's birthday, 2009

genting trip with college's friends, 11 22 33 momo xiao u and baba, 2008

MM065, typography class, t-shirt design,2008

A random night shooting, biao jie, momo me and xiao u =)

A picture of you with the best smile ( mouth opened)

in front of my second home, pjs9/28

A picture of you with the best smile ( mouth closed)

grandmother's birthday

A picture of you with the lamest post

=.=" was seeing the bear bear, genting

A picture of someone who stands on top of your heart
eee... O.O"

A picture of you with some toys or cute stuff

again... it is DAMN CUTEEE..!

A picture of you in a white shirt

with ah sheh in front of auditorium, 2009

Tagging : (can i just tag a few persons -.-")
1. Miss momo
2. Vincent
3. Jinmin
4. Ah Sheh
5. Wei Peow
6. Big Head

Happy Ox Year





不喜欢一直想太多让自己神经兮兮的... -.-"

但心却是连在一起的... =)

爸爸~~ 红包 =p


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Carlos Mexican

wee..~ It's friday...
2 more days then Chinese New Year..

Happy Chinese New Year =)

Funny looks of me..
coz of the laptop bag i was wearing..
ceci jie cant stop laughing on me -.-"

Went Pavilion with kai ma, kai lou dao and ceci jie =D
My 2nd time to Pavilion..
my 1st time was just went thr for 19 minutes.. -.-"
I wanna earn MONEY!!

Carlos Mexican.. nicee...
thx ceci jieeee XD
I reli love the feeling of hanging out with family.. =)

[ stop thinking too much.. ]*

Thursday, January 22, 2009







[ i just can't resist the feeling... ]*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

[ BEACH ]*

Wee... Chinese New Year is cominggg !
I can't wait for the Pangkor trip... =D

Blue sky.. nice clouds.. Beach.. Sea..Wind..
Flowery dress.. bikini.. sandal..

mua mua mua..

i hope there will be a lots of leng zaiiii ~~ =p

Sunday, January 11, 2009

[ Industry Practise -- 8TV ]*

Wee..~ so nice that we got chance to cooperate with 8TV =), i wish to work in a tv channel last time..~

Group members - Kypher, Jayson ker, Yeuk sin, Xiao u and me


Their 8tv family members..

Feeling quite fresh and new group with them, coz we nvr group with each other b4,
hope we make out something different.. =)

p/s : All photos were photographed by Jayson Ker.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

[ Random Days ]*

This few days did lots of things... lots of activities..
wondering rite.. we just started school,
but then when all the friends meet together
then got lots of plannnss , always long gai... =.="

[ 04.01.09 ]*

The day b4 start school, xiao u went to my place,
and we watched bedtime stories spontaneously,
while waiting the movie time in jusco , klang,
both of us just shoot around,
with many funny posing, tats what people said..

When you are young, need to do some crazy stuff,
then wont get regret when the time you are old =p

YEP, we are YOUNG~

[ 05.01.09 ]*

The 1st day in our last term in TOA,
presentation of Final Project Studio,
seriously it was stressed and got no passion on it,
everyone felt that way i guess...

After 6 hours of presentation, 6 hours...-.-"
whole day just ate the mashed potato, hungryyy...
Went to Fullhouse, damansara, weeee~
i had waiting it for such a long time..
It's really quite nice and i love the art direction,
dreaming my future house will be something like this too -.-",

the food was nice, the environment was nice,
onli my mood was not so nice...

After After Fullhouse...
Xiao u brought me and momo went puchong since i am moody..
3 of us not really know how to go there,
went through some unrelated highway -.-",
lucky it was night time, nt much cars...

I is also like this,
sometime we gotta walk a big circle to meet the right person...

The night view really niceee....
thanks u both for accompany....

bird and momo =)

[ 07.01.09 ]*

Hoor.. 2day class, Graduation Campaign,
I think like this subject though,
where every majors meet 2gether..

Night, went Cheras pasar malam..
8 of us..
yep.. people mountain people sea as usual..
traffic jam..

able to met an old friend =)
long time no c...
lol.. your head are still big..

And then! guess what..we decided to go
the small genting highlands (tats wt thy called)

Look out point, Ampang ( i think ),
1st time went thr, niceee
luv the night view, the weather,the environment..

weee... tired -.-"

[ The days... without you...]*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

[ 阴霾 ]*





[ 难道只是邂逅...? ]*

[ ooh oh ]*

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