Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Memorable . 21

Firstly... i want to thanks to many many many peoples.........
u guys gave me a memorable 21st and surprise!

24.02.09 12am


miss momo, xiao u, chek yenn, Jinmin, yiwei, vincent,
Nai Nai, lydia, foo, carina, ah sheh, xiao 6,
ah charm, kentping, suan suan, daniel, daniel's gf,
alvin, jenting, biao jie, baba, yunshu, shiwei

well planned for the surprise -.-"
i strongly felt the wetness, the tepung-ness, the fish-ness, the coldness!
it was mad, touching and sweet ..!

still waiting the photos and video.. coming soon =)


♥ Special thanks to :

lovely "sleep" mate..
miss momo

worm in my stomach..
chek yenn

good bird always...
xiao u

for accompany me whole day.. =)
i had a great day vf u guys..

P/S :

thanks for the birthday wishes from all my friends... =D
thanks momo for playing the birthday song in the morning.. so sweet ! =3
thanks 286 video.. its special .. =)
thanks 11 & baba's jelly lens... =)

before 12am... again.. thanks bird =))

[ warm in heart... ]*


little mei said...

where is my name? lol

like that la now?
want die is it? ==

mirxu*nico said...

ur name is NAI NAI LAAAA

p.s : NAI NAI is XIAO MEI!!

大头 said...

也是没有 big head 的 ~~~ =.="""

大头 said...

你扮大口九吞 mic 那个照片,
吞 mic 那个够所嗨,
旁边那个还会配合给表情 ~~ ^^

chekyenn said...

miss worm
din spend much time with u ><
bt we went "thailand" together XD

chekyenn said...

miss worm
din spend much time with u ><
bt we went "thailand" together XD

mirxu*nico said...

hahaha big head is listed in all my friends group marr

sure la.. 21 years old.. do something crazy..! =p

wormm.. yeaaa thx ur thai thai =D

weipeow said...


mirxu*nico said...

thanks piu =)