Saturday, July 18, 2009

After 3 years .

Still remember the 1st day I joined TOA..
and so fast we had graduated...

Start is always different with the end..

everything had changed..
good might be bad...
bad might be good...

No one can remain the same forever..

Smiling.. =)

thanks for everything..

* glad you were there *


miss momo said...

* glad someone r thr ' wif u too


welcome =D

* hugs *

mirxu*nico said...

glad u guys were thr too..!

take care =D

small-U said...

hor! glad xx were here for u
so sweet n warm la

yeap, everything had changed from start to the end. Out of our expectation, but we GREW^

Flying, leaving~ but u always in my mind. Fren would never change~

thx for everything, Thx for being my fren, thx yo b there for me whenever im in trouble or depress. That really an encouraga for me to move on.

Love u bird, always. muacks+hug*

mirxu*nico said...


yea yea biird..!
thanks for being thr for me always too..
fren would nvr change..!

take care urself...


Anonymous said...