Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Updates .

Quite lazy to blog a long post..

So I make it in point form =)

* Went to a Christian's funeral 2day,

my 1st time (a far relation passed away)

* Got a job finally =), waiting for the offer letter..

wish to start as soon as possible .

* Oh ohh is becoming cuter and cuter..
We oh ohh very much .

* He and he
both are so sincere .

* Seeking for room, Sunway area

p/s : not too small, CLEAN, perhaps air cond and internet supply .

* Money, money and money again .

That's all...

Goodnites world .


small-U said...

peace world.

both are sincere,take one for consider then^

good morning world ~

mirxu*nico said...

take ur head

small-U said...

if u dun mind want to take my head,im ok*
as long as u happy^^ haha!