Saturday, May 30, 2009

I need Boost .

Some updates..

Moved to usj..
the new environment is better. coz gt air-cond =p
and slightly not so happening..

enjoying..while I m alone =)

- Working life -

* having a good life --- sleep early and wake up early
* drive, work, sleep, eat
* started to get used of this kind of lifestyle
* bored
* the working hours are flexible
* but till now I still not really get fun yet..
* my art and colors sense were gone..
* forced myself to love "blue" colors
* summon, crash, unlucky or lucky incident
* laziness
* money, spend, petrol

suddenly felt that time is really not enough for me..
to pay attention..
to balance many things..
to do my own stuffs...
to clean up my mind..
to worry too much..
to sleep as I want to..

may be it is a good thing..?
so that I won't think too much =)

perhaps there are something to boost me up..?

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