Monday, April 20, 2009

Tik . Tok

tik tik to tok tok...

tok tok tik ti.......

my mind just couldn't stop recall back the memories...

canggih kind of technology connected
all the peoples around the world..

everyone can update their latest news, profile,
photos, status and so on...

It might be good if you wanted to know...

seeing your photos I know I am still feeling that way..

secretly.. nobody knows..

scare of expose ...

I know I am weird.. =)

continue to watch gossip girl..


small-U said...

technology was connected all people in the world. only urself know how u feeling when u lookin at other ppl profile or picture..

hide it secretly and let go it silently =)

u r not weird*

mirxu*nico said...

ya.. thanks bird =)

The Littlemei said...

lol okay i dont really understand this post but hmm I'm having deja vu babe when i read tru your post! OK! I'm more weird than you hahahah lol

anyway, i think i know what you're going tru lol cause currently i am too and i guess you know why ryte? ;)

Just wanna let you know I'm here babe! ;) hugssss


mirxu*nico said...

deja vu???
wt's tat mean ya..

yeaa.. act u re having a harder time..
all of us are concern about u too =))
hoping all of us.. get through all of this..!

thanks for being with me =D
love you