Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spontaneous . Sweet

Duno why..

we were just feeling so spontaneous at the moment..

me and biao jie =)

both of us went puchong , bandar puteri..

weee... nice view again..
and.. lagi spontaneous thinking wanna go KLIA to see the star..

viewed my contact list..

was trying to search for ppl..

(coz we duno hw to go and we need man LOL)

da lang~ jinmin was the most suitable MAN

It was around 12.40am that time...

and SO NGAM.. it was april fool day..

he tot we were playing him -.-"

coz he bully too many peoples..


at last.. We successfully "cheated" him out XD

thanks for being so crazy..

We are still YOUNG =D

Lying on the round stage beside the road...
how nice.. =)

seeing stars blinking on sky..

seeing aeroplane fly over the sky..

nice spot to paktor and stuff lol

Back to home..
Miss momo was bk from japan..

and i saw this on my laptop..

Oww.. how sweet...!!

thanks momo

I love all of that..


miss momo said...


喜欢就好 ***

mirxu*nico said...


small-U said...

where mine :(
wuwu!! so sweet la. envy > < "