Monday, January 26, 2009


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A picture of you at the most unique environment

After accident at LDP highway (after class goin murni, 2008), all of us took pic in front of the police station, and met a nice malay guy, multimedia developer under MSC.

A picture of you at the place you dislike


A picturess of people who mean a lot to you

Grandmother's birthday, 2009

genting trip with college's friends, 11 22 33 momo xiao u and baba, 2008

MM065, typography class, t-shirt design,2008

A random night shooting, biao jie, momo me and xiao u =)

A picture of you with the best smile ( mouth opened)

in front of my second home, pjs9/28

A picture of you with the best smile ( mouth closed)

grandmother's birthday

A picture of you with the lamest post

=.=" was seeing the bear bear, genting

A picture of someone who stands on top of your heart
eee... O.O"

A picture of you with some toys or cute stuff

again... it is DAMN CUTEEE..!

A picture of you in a white shirt

with ah sheh in front of auditorium, 2009

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1. Miss momo
2. Vincent
3. Jinmin
4. Ah Sheh
5. Wei Peow
6. Big Head


little mei said...

hahahah i think the last photo suits more for the 'lamest pose' category hahahahah

and the last photo under the 'people who meant the most to you' category darn hot! =DDDD

me likey! ;)
miss you, xoxo

mirxu*nico said...

i gt lots of lamest pose actually XD

yeaaa.. i like tat too =p

big head said...

爽 ~~ sapai ~~ sapai ~~

head said...


很不文雅几下 ~~~ =.="

M@nKeyz said...

...look abit scary leh that pic which u guys make up 1......don't show small kid a, will frighten them XD kakakaka

agree with xiao mei lo
last photo should is the most lame post lolz....