Saturday, January 24, 2009

Carlos Mexican

wee..~ It's friday...
2 more days then Chinese New Year..

Happy Chinese New Year =)

Funny looks of me..
coz of the laptop bag i was wearing..
ceci jie cant stop laughing on me -.-"

Went Pavilion with kai ma, kai lou dao and ceci jie =D
My 2nd time to Pavilion..
my 1st time was just went thr for 19 minutes.. -.-"
I wanna earn MONEY!!

Carlos Mexican.. nicee...
thx ceci jieeee XD
I reli love the feeling of hanging out with family.. =)

[ stop thinking too much.. ]*


头 ~ said...

下次去吃,但要你给钱咯 ~~

M@nKeyz said...

fuiyoooo~ the food look like very delicious leh~~~ pavilion carlos ....i din't eat before weh look so nice next time i must go try it XD hahahaha. Hey pavilion cinema is damm song d weh have chance u also try watch movie in there la damm song d XD

mirxu*nico said...


henno..quite nice actually..
ask ur lovely junior go makan vf u la XD. HOOOR... pavilio cinema.. u go vf hu jerrr ~~ din ajak us punnn