Wednesday, November 5, 2008

[ 早安早安 ]*

woohoo.. morning ppl..! (kena influence by xiao mei =x)

today woke up at 9am.. slept around 12 sumthing .. a long time din practise dis kind of sleeping time >.<" and the weather now is.. little bit cold cold... niceeee..for me ^^ coz i reli dun like hot hot day.. well.. its was after rain.. biao jie woke up, momo thn xiao u (she overnight here ytd).. THN.. lol she morning edi can so hyper.. reli pui fuk.. since every1 woke up edi, weee, lets play the song " 晨之美" by errr.. ya, 卢广仲, and started to 对啊对啊..~ XD

momo said.. we shld every morning play some syiok morning song, to make ourself much more conscious..!

mirxu ... AGREE..

nice weather.. nice mood.. nice.. no class today ;p.. for those HARD working on 3d modeling.. jiayou..~ ^^

everything is alright ...


small-U said...

MoRniNG BirD bIrD ^^
Yup, today everything feeling so nice XD

Never kick away blanket while sleeping also~ coz it was so cold :P

Bird u really sleep early last night, 12smthg u edi sleep le ><"
since u really wan to change back to healthy life liao ^

That song is nice ! make me wan to eat breakfast so much! :P
Happy song so will b happy mood also^ haha
so will get hyper xiaoU ~

Agreed with what Momo SAid de lo!

BirdBIRD have a nice day XD

mirxu*nico said...

wuuuwuu .. YEA.. reli cold.. ytd nite i actually tried to rampass the blanket ;p
BREAKFAST... i tot of bacon + eggs.. hw niceee...T.T

weipeow said...


mirxu*nico said...


miss momo said...

早安 早安~ ~

陈炜标 哈哈哈哈

这名好好笑 ~

come come tml ply the morning playlist for us ba ~
BUT u need wait until i wake up only ply k ...

yea yea ~ ~

mirxu*nico said...

2molo i 9.30am class.. u charm liao.. wake u up~! ;p

还是我的名字好听..~ XD

weipeow said...

momo: 竟然取笑我的名字!!

miss momo said...


怎样~ ~



little mei said...

small U, your reply darn super duper long! lol like a post entry =="

and NENE! why influence by me? lol
i dont say "morning people".. or do i? hahaha

and i see you've finally blog something that is readable lol HAHAHAHA


mirxu*nico said...

hahaha yea she always like dis!

gt looo, u alwaz mention hello people or etc..

c.. i purposely posted in english 1, i noe u nai nai banana duno hw 2 read chinese marrr, summore i had mentioned ur name XD

zYen said...


little mei said...


im not banana la!
which part of my body is yellow?
or do i have a banana? hmm... i wonder