Monday, November 10, 2008

[ 1 day trip with auntiesss ]*

wee... went a factory trip with mummy.. and auntiesss... well.. 4 factories we went in a day.. medicine factory, chocolate factory, sea cucumber factory and rice factory..

Sea cucumber.. See.. thy are in the water and wet.. after process, dry and hard ..and expensive=.="
After that, next station was Beryl's chocolate factory, love the art direction of those poster.

dis trip reli gt no leng i had mentioned.. reli a trip with auntiesss, lucky still gt a little super cute gal..~! chubby chubby and looks like a china kid.

End of the day.. tired.. bored.. but its fun out vf mummy..
Coz.. i dun hv 2 pay XD

The funny part was.. my ex schoolmate's mum.. went to the trip too..
and she.. asked me help to build a bridge to gather
bk her daughter with her ex..(both oso my ex schoolmates)
well...>.<" gt my hp number summore.. to check my progress..

if i so free help ur daughter to build their bridge..
y dun i build sendiri punya bridge >.<"

nwdays aunty... is so cute ...=="


weipeow said...

Woo...that chocolate art direction quite intresting that too.

no leng chai no leng chai.

aunty said:"nico ar.. how was the progress ar??! tolong tolong la~.."

weipeow said...


miss momo said...

finally u update...

the lil gal is makan potato chips la...
don kacao her.. XD

nowdays punya auntie so ... CUTE !!

mirxu*nico said...

i shld giv her ur num to help her daughter =.=

she reli damn cuteeee~
yealo..may b ur bf's mum..jz hvn show out XD

maomao said...

i nvr heard of factories visit
as in msia?
hehe,mirxu becomes middleman

little mei said...

an england post yet again! VELI GOOD! LOL

mirxu*nico said...

mao mao.. gt ya.. around puchong area thr..yea..><

xiao mei.. i purposely write in english.. coz u r viewing marr.. c hw kind i am XD

project3 aka Kennie said...

where are those factory?