Thursday, September 4, 2008

[ End of Holiday ]*

Going to end my holiday only i start to clean up my files and assignments ==",
coz i m bzing with maple in holiday~ LOL ;p

these are wt i had done in last term....

[ 3D poster Vespa ]*

[ Motion Graphic Mtv + Me ]*

My cacat motion graphic.....><"
Mtv is like a playground for me, everyone enjoy the music and mtv.
Those music and motion graphic are the essential of Mtv channel.

I believe that our life is like a white paper with some guides.
So that the art direction in the motion graphic is
in black & white paper cut.
Those black outline stroke are guides in my life...
It's complicated.. we have to decide which guide we want
to follow and which kind of life by ourselves.

However, in the end, I wanna remain my pure heart and thinking...

Comment and suggestion are welcome.. thx^^


Yiwei said...

Haha.. Nice work lo..
11 give u 1 word.. FUIYOOH!
XD gambateh tgt in new term lo~
maple! weeee~~

weipeow said...

COOL for your art work.
no more for MAPLE.

mirxu*nico said...

weee.. thx 11 and piu piu ^^
yea.. gambateh tgt.. goin 2 start school T^T..
maple gambateh at the same time XD