Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recently .

Had been a while didn't update my blog..
here's the latest status..=)

I was actually just shifted into a new company 1 month ago, cause the previous company really made me felt so sick.. as like..bored..sleepy.. and no passion -.-"

Well.. the current company is really much more better, young, energetic and peoples to chill with. Glad to be a part of this company. =)

These are the things you would get to care
after you step into working life :

- sleeping time (get to bed 11pm almost everyday)
- hunger (for me, I am always waiting forward for lunch time..! :p )
- not so spontaneous as like wanna go anywhere anytime instantly
- learn how to see face's color and control your mouth (words)
- feeling yourself getting older

There is a period I easily get sleepy which is after lunch time,
feeling full and sitting in front of pc...
even I louder the music with headphone still can't cure my sleepiness -.-"

And yaaa.. I am like gaining a new spare tayar , eat eat and sit sit..
I gotta do some exercise on weekend.. planning to attend yoga course
heard it is not bad and reshape your body shape..woohoo..~ :p
and gotta start to do some skincare step.. since I am not 18 years old pop pop cui anymore...

Stepped into working life.. the main purpose of cause is the money (salary) LOL
How much you earn equal to how much you gotta spend on..
seriously..every month also got something to buy..
especially girl har..so hard to save the money .. T^T

That's all .. :)

p/s: this is the longest post ever in my blog (all text)

thanks to him.. for lending me his broadband USB :D

missing you .

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