Friday, June 5, 2009

B day .

Went to pyramid for a walk after work,
shopping alone .
(*ps biao jie just accompany me for 1 hour T^T )

applied streamyx..
guess I wont so bored anymore

bought crocodile shirt for dad
such a guai lui right, my 1st pay
( for his birthday as well )

went Popular
magazine, books..

Finally it was 9pm
biao jie fong gong and dinner 2gether =)

went to Jalan Alor -- chicken wings
with her italian bf as well
( *ps he is really handsome..! XD )

a late dinner / supper..
11pm something -.-"

I hope I wont grow fat =x
but really have to avoid that T^T..

A B DAY .!

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