Monday, October 13, 2008

[ 11's cupcakes ]*

recently so "heng" cupcakes coz of momo keep on shouting about cupcakes.

There are 3 cup cup cupcakes there,
at 1st 11 draw the first 1 without colour,
second and the third.=="
(p/s: 11 is wayne,33 is me.)

[ 1st cupcake ]

♥ Wayne says: (1st cupcake image)

♥ мirxu¨゚゚・ says: yee.. why dis cupcakes bo colour de.. ==

[ 2nd cupcake ]

♥ Wayne says: (2nd cupcake image) 33 dun like the cherry thn i change to blue berry..~

♥ мirxu¨゚゚・ says : waseh.. (the kena poison><")
the colour... o.o"

♥ Wayne says: msn not much colours ><"

♥ мirxu¨゚゚・ says : but but but..the colour of cherry nice marr

[ 3rd cupcake ]

♥ Wayne says: (3rd cupcake image)

♥ мirxu¨゚゚・ says : ..............................

♥ Wayne says: 33 dot dot dot....

♥ мirxu¨゚゚・ says : no marr, i terkejut waseh gt the 3rd cupcake~!!

♥ Wayne says: (with the broke cupcake) too late liao
11 d cupcake heart broke jor

♥ мirxu¨゚゚・ says : ............><"
to show my sincere and happy of receive those cupcakes ~!!
i post it to blog XD

thx 11 punya whole set cupcakes~!! special nia XD


Yiwei said...

O_O wah kena put on table jor..

thx for showcase my "great" cupcakes drawing on ur blog ya XD
msn no colour la.. wuu...

miss momo said...

cupcake cupcake ~
i also wan la .. 11 ~~~

but i wan purple colour 1 ..
yea yea ~

mirxu*nico said...

muahaha~ so hor next time dun cincai draw har ;p

momo, purple colour 1 oso like kena poison =.="
u fast buy a real 1 share vf us ~^^

chekyenn said...

hor i c "11 cupcake"
ee y u all write wat gt wat wan

i gota write something as title jorr

maomao said...

the cupcakes r so cute ^^
can i get one also =p

maomao said...

anyway,i love the application at ur right top corner
i tried very hard to incorporate it in my blog
and i failed >.<

mirxu*nico said...

worm write abalone~!
i draw for u ^^

copy and save ;p
O.O reli??
wt's the prob...?

Rickeez said...